Costs of Printing

Did you know it is estimated that most businesses spend up to 3% of their annual revenues on printing? Most companies do NOT have a print management strategy. As a result, most do not know their total cost of printing monthly or annually. In fact, 90% of business owners do not track their printing costs. Most are surprised when they understand how much they are actually spending.

What is your print management strategy? Do you have one? With Managed Print Services we can HELP!

To calculate your true costs we will help you discover the answers to the following questions:

  • What devices are being used?
  • How many pages per month are being printed on each device?
  • What type of documents are being printed?
  • What is the cost per page for documents printed on each device?
  • Are you outsourcing the printing of documents of any kind?
  • How much time is it taking for employees to perform specific tasks on each device?

Once the actual costs of printing are determined, an effective strategy can be developed to help improve productivity and decrease costs.

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  • Most companies that deploy a print management strategy can reduce printing expenditures up to 30%
  • 40% of all IT help desk calls are printer related
  • The average office worker in the United States prints 10,000 pages per year