Free Management Program

Companies that implement a print management strategy can save up to 30% of total printing costs.

Partner with Atlas Business Solutions to design and implement a print management strategy. We will create a customized plan to save you time, money and boost employee productivity. Your strategy may include one or all of the following:

  • Installation of our FREE fleet monitoring software
  • Optimize equipment placement within each office or work area
  • Build service and supply request procedures to ensure your employees no longer handle
  • Transfer print and scan calls away from IT
  • Automated supply fulfillment
  • Recycling compliance
  • Detailed reporting
  • Free equipment replacement

FREE Printer Protection Program:

If you are not ready to have an assessment done and implement a full print management strategy but want to capture some of the advantages, call us today and ask about our FREE Printer Protection Program. Here’s how it works:

  1. You agree to purchase supplies for your printers from Atlas Business Solutions
  2. We install our fleet monitoring software for FREE
  3. We deliver all supplies to your office (On your request or automated)
  4. We will field all service and supply related calls instead of your IT or other department
  5. We provide FREE labor for all repairs on all makes/models

SUMMARY: You buy supplies from us, we repair your equipment for FREE!

Click here to request an assessment or for more information on our FREE Printer Protection Program.