IT Services

Atlas IT services are designed to keep your business operations online, running and always available for your customers, and to maximizing productivity for your employees.

We provide a scalable, integrated comprehensive menu of IT services and solutions, including the latest hardware and software. We work with you directly to design, build and optimize a unique infrastructure that meets your business needs and that will adjust with your company growth. And, we help you manage it all through remote or on-site support.

IT Services from Atlas Business Solutions will:

  • Keep your organization up and running productively
  • Successfully defend against security threats and downtime
  • Enhance efficiencies and reduce operating costs

Managed IT Services

Whether you're the business owner or the "IT" person, you need an IT support solution that is comprehensive, simple to understand, predictably affordable and that adapts with the growth of your business.

Cloud Services

When your organization reaches a point where its existing IT infrastructure can't support its business needs, the place to turn is the cloud.  Cloud services are simply IT services that are accessed through the internet. These services are more flexible and affordable than traditional IT services and adapts easily to your business growth. To learn more about cloud services to give us a call today.

Consulting and Project Services

Atlas IT consulting services delivers customized strategies that align with your business objectives and goals. Our team of engineers and IT consultants, certified in all major technologies, will guide you and your staff with your technology decisions and IT consulting projects.  Contact us today to discuss your next IT steps.


IT Security is at the top of most organization's lists, and for good reason. A long list of security risks threaten businesses today and continues to grow as new techniques are developed to compromise IT infrastructure. Having a weak IT security strategy is a sure way to become a victim. 

Not all threats are related to hacking, but can be just as devastating. Floods, fires and other natural disasters all have the potential to disrupt an organization's business process. Atlas allows your business to gain operational efficiencies and protect your digital assets all at a predictable cost and frees up your IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives. Give us a call today.

Phone Systems

Selecting the right phone system for your business is a crucial decision. Atlas offers digital and VOIP phone systems from ESI Communications Systems. Partnering with ESI allows us to offer systems that are scalable that adapt to the changes in technology. These systems are easy to use, offer support for mobile users and a diverse range of applications and features to assist with all your business communications processes. Call us today for a telecom assessment.